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Agile Microwave Radio Tower at Tailem BendAbout Us

Agile Communications provides Wholesale Broadband Data services.

Agile Communications is an innovative licensed telecommunications carrier based in Adelaide, South Australia. We were the first South Australian company to gain this license. We have a reputation for innovation and effectiveness in our endeavors.

If you are interested in our ADSL broadband services, please visit the Internode web site. Internode delivers retail outcomes to customers for Agile in DSL, wireless DSL and related areas.

Our mission is to change the face of telecommunications in Australia through the delivery of innovative, cost-effective, and easy to use data services.

Agile is a new-world, Internet Protocol based carrier, using innovative packet switching technology to achieve price-performance points unavailable through old-world, circuit-switched carrier networks. Our packet switching and IP network building expertise builds on the experience and market presence of our sister company, Internode, a company with day-one experience in Internet technology in Australia.

Agile delivers solutions around a variety of hardware platforms, including fibre, copper, laser and broadband radio data carriage systems, all connected with high performance packet switching equipment to create a single, seamless, carrier data network.

Agile delivers IP based voice service offerings which run over our high performance packet switched data network.

You can read more about us on our Press Releases page or explore the rest of our site for further information.