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Coorong Network to be built by Agile

07 Dec 1999

South Australian licensed telecommunications carrier, Agile Communications, has been selected by the Coorong Council to implement a ground-breaking communications network in rural South Australia. The network has been designed by Agile to meet the community development aims of the council.

The Coorong council spans a large geographic region South-East of Adelaide. The project will see the building of a broadband microwave network from Adelaide, via Murray Bridge, to Tailem Bend, Meningie and Tintinara. It will be connected to broadband multipoint radio links to distribute data in to each local community area.

Alcatel Australia have been selected to provide the broadband wide-area microwave infrastructure, while Cisco Systems will supply the core data and voice switching equipment. Both integrated using proprietary packet switching technology developed in-house by Agile over the last 18 months.

The communications network will include dramatically lower the cost of voice calls and data services for the entire community. The Coorong Council will also gain access to wide area PABX and data interconnect services for its distributed council offices.

Existing regional Internet Service Providers will be able to access low cost, high speed Internet bandwidth across the new Agile network.

The deployment budget is in excess of 1.5 million dollars, and is to be financed from major contributions by the Federal Government's 'Networking The Nation' (NTN) Fund, the South Australian State Government, and Agile. It is the result of nearly two years cooperative project development and design work undertaken between Agile, the Coorong Council, the SA Government Department of Industry and Trade, the SA Regional Development Association, the Local Government Association of SA, and the NTN board.

The communications project is expected to provide enormous community benefit for the Coorong region, and will act as a pilot project to stimulate the further development of similar projects around Australia. Agile will expand its staff numbers early next year to meet the needs of the project.

"This project will produce community benefits that are nothing short of revolutionary", said Simon Hackett, Managing Director of Agile. "We are enormously excited to be involved in this project, and believe that it will become the model for future broadband communications deployments in rural areas. We look forward to turning the vision of the Coorong council into reality".




Published: 07 Dec 1999
Contact: Agile Communications

Simon Hackett
Managing Director
Ph: 08 8418 1234
Coorong District Council

Kym Cleggett
Project Coordinator
Ph: 08 8575 1008