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Agile Laps Telstra with $3m Turbo Broadband Rollout

16 September 2004

Independent broadband wholesaler Agile Communications has stolen a march on Telstra. Agile has announced that by Christmas it will equip telephone exchanges in South Australia and Victoria with turbo-charged broadband services that operate five times faster than current top speeds.

Agile’s next generation ADSL2 broadband technology enables the company to offer broadband services running at a speed, and backed by guaranteed service levels, that are unavailable with the current generation of Telstra ADSL-based wholesale broadband services.

Agile’s new broadband equipment runs conventional ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) services as fast as 8 megabits per second (Mbps), five times faster than the current 1.5 Mbps top speed offered by Telstra. Using ADSL2 mode, speeds even faster than 8 Mbps are possible.

SA-based Agile - the wholesale partner of national broadband innovator Internode - will equip eight metropolitan telephone exchanges in Adelaide and Melbourne with ADSL2 broadband equipment during the next six months. Agile will also introduce broadband services to five South Australian regional areas for the first time. By taking line honours in these areas, Agile will set up a presence independent of its giant broadband supplier - and retail competitor - Telstra.

Agile managing director Simon Hackett said the Agile ADSL2-capable equipment offered both current and new generation broadband services. "Agile broadband exchanges are a superset of those available through Telstra-based ADSL deployments," he said.

"This includes a longer reach from the exchange, better quality services and data speeds as fast as 8Mbps, compared with the Telstra limit of 1.5Mpbs. That means we should deliver higher speed broadband and also be able to offer lower speed broadband links to people that Telstra has previously rejected."

Agile's independent broadband services are already available in three regional areas of SA - Meningie, Murray Bridge and Mt Barker - as well as in areas of Adelaide.

By Christmas, Agile will deliver its broadband services to five new exchanges: Yorketown on SA's Yorke Peninsula; Tailem Bend on the River Murray; two CBD exchanges in Adelaide and Melbourne's Exhibition Street exchange. Yorketown, which is in an area with no broadband services at present, will receive this breakthrough service via Agile’s wireless broadband.

Agile also plans to broadband-enable eight more exchanges in the first quarter of 2005. These include three country towns - Warooka, Maitland and Minlaton - as well as metropolitan exchanges at Unley, Norwood, St Peters, Glenunga and Prospect.

In a rollout worth more than $3m, Agile has named additional exchanges for subsequent deployments. In total, 22 exchange areas are on the current Agile rollout roadmap. Details are listed here .

Mr. Hackett said the costly business of broadband-enabling phone exchanges was dictated by customer demand. "We've decided to bear this cost ourselves because Telstra has taken too long to equip exchanges with first generation ADSL, let alone the latest equipment," he said.

" Our commitment to regional broadband deployment remains strong and is a deep part of what drives us. Our first priority is to ensure this breakthrough service fits what our customers need, and then we will roll it out to more exchanges in other states and territories."

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