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citilan - wireless internet access"AAA Leads Wireless Charges for Resellers"

18 Sep 2003

A world-first wireless network that will turn Adelaide's central strip into a virtual "hotspot" will create new business opportunities for resellers nationally.

Kicked off on September 17, the citilan network provides you with quick and easy wireless access to the Internet from any coffee shop or street corner that is covered by the network.

Two Internet infrastructure providers, Agile Communications and AirNet, working in conjunction with m.Net Corporation and the Adelaide City Council, created citi lan, a WiFi 802.11b network that stretches from South Tce in the city to O'Connell Street in North Adelaide.

Existing Internode and AirNet customers will have the opportunity to link to the citi lan network through their current Internet access accounts. As well as enabling the alliance partners - known collectively as AAA Telecommunications - to offer services via the wireless infrastructure, the citi lan network is available to third parties, which can either connect directly into the service or obtain authenticated access through roaming agreements with one of the AAA partners.

Agile Communications Network Operations Manager John Lindsay said this shared infrastructure model involved Agile and AirNet providing access points while m.Net and Adelaide City Council provided the fibre linked integration. "Internet Service Providers can sell wireless Internet access to their customers," he said. "They can also purchase capacity on the network to sell VPN (Virtual Private Network) services, to support people with PDAs. We plan on using the network for DSL replacement, providing wireless DSL access to Adelaide's ubiquitous apartments."

What makes the citi lan network unique is that it offers contiguous access through the densely populated and trafficked areas of central Adelaide, providing near seamless transition for people walking or riding on transport through the city.

AirNet Commercial Australia Ltd Director Operations Mr. Peter Karidis said Agile and AirNet had overcome their fierce rivalry to collaborate on building a shared infrastructure. "We recognised we were better off to collaborate on the wholesale level and compete at the retail level," he said.

"The nature of infrastructure is that it has a high component of fixed costs, so the more people that use it, the lower the cost per user. That's why we are inviting other companies to benefit from this citywide wireless infrastructure. Ultimately, we expect our customers will have reciprocal access to similar city based wireless networks as they appear across Australia."

Mr. Lindsay said the citi lan network provided a strong value point for ISPs with customers located in Adelaide or visiting the city. " If you're an ISP, you can talk to AAA Telecommunications partners to organise getting connected to sell Internet services to customers," he said.

"It also provides a comprehensive experiment that will indicate how and when people will utilise wireless Internet services and what are their "hot buttons" in terms of service offerings. We are providing a shared infrastructure model that enables small to medium size Australian companies to compete with big name brand wireless ventures."

The AAA Telecommunications Alliance

Agile Communications, (, a sister company to renowned ISP Internode, was the first SA-based company to gain a national telecommunications licence, granted in May 1998. Using Internet Protocol-based technology the carrier achieves price-performance points unavailable through traditional carrier networks.

AirNet Commercial Australia ( is an Internet Protocol based "NEXT-GENERATION Telco/ISP" that is rolling out one of Australia's' most ambitious telecommunications services.

m.Net Corporation ( is an Australian-based company that is playing a central role in the evolution of mobility. The company has built an advanced mobile network, based on 3G and WLAN, in metropolitan and regional South Australia. The network captures a microcosm of modern life and creates a platform for development and testing.

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